Big Science Informs the Design of CONNECT


Scientists have studied and identified the distance that germs, saliva droplets, sneezes and coughs travel when a mouth or nose is uncovered. MIT published the sneeze study, thus determining how far a sneeze actually goes and how fast, which had been previously underreported.

 Much of this data is what informs the 6-foot rule and face mask requirements. However, in certain instances this may not be enough. We’ve asked around and the general consensus is that dining a table away from strangers without a physical barrier, for example, does not sound appetizing, nor healthy.

 Scientific studies have determined physical distancing protocols that keep people safe from the transmission of germs, including the novel coronavirus. Business protocols have been designed to keep people a safe distance from one another while limiting physical contact with surfaces. Business hours have been reduced to the public to allow staff to properly sanitize high-touch surfaces.

If an uncovered sneeze can travel between 19-26 feet and an uncovered cough can travel about 18 feet, then distance matters. If someone who tilts their head upwards to cough, then height matters, too.

We hand selected and surveyed medical professionals asking their opinion on the effectiveness of physical barriers, important design details, and other functionalities of commercial containment systems. Responses varied on opinion, however combining good hygiene and sufficient physical barriers was unanimous.

“A physical barrier of ceiling height is ideal though a few feet above mouth height is likely mostly sufficient depending on the situation, with considerations for practicality. Masks/hand sanitizers in public spaces are still very important and not replaced by partitions, and negative pressure ventilation will help disperse particles…” (medical professional survey responder)

There are currently no other solutions on the market that can handle all the precautions and protocols like MachWall CONNECT. This is the first of its kind, designed specifically to address modern health and safety standards and expectations. We are putting flexibility back into your business model, allowing you to run at pre-pandemic levels without worry or sacrifice.

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