A Custom Solution Responds to the Impact of the Pandemic on Businesses

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An open concept office has quickly fallen out of favor in today’s business landscape. While telecommuting is still the recommendation, many offices require people to work on-site and in person. Keeping employees safe and healthy increases productivity, morale, and employment.

 If your break-even is serving 25 meals an hour, but your capacity is limited to 12, there may seem to be minimal benefit to reopening your restaurant. Installing a thermal temperature scanner or a UV chamber may be possible for some, but certainly not for the local eatery.

Our CONNECT systems are a problem solver’s dream.

  • Fully customized designs
  • ADA accessible
  • Laminate surfaces sanitize easily and withstand bleach and alcohol-based cleanser
  • Floor clearance allows for mopping and sanitizing floors
  • Installed without tools or specialized labor
  • Delivered in just a few weeks
  • Ready for data and electrical installations
  • Easily branded and color matched
  • Ad space for easy advert-sales and exposure
  • Available world-wide


Customized CONNECT solutions can be designed for each business, regardless of size or location. Endless color, material, and layout options allow each business owner to design, brand, and install CONNECT simply, easily, and with less time and chaos than homemade options.

 Our patented technology accommodates easy wiring and cabling for charging and data ports to be accessible and functional in no time. Simply run the wires to the predetermined outlets you’ve chosen and your CONNECT unit is ready to go.

 An added bonus for shared space locations like malls and food courts is ad space for generating brand recognition, and on-site advertisements.

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