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We Asked an Expert: Paul Rabito, DPM, MPH, MA

We sat down, virtually speaking, with Dr. Rabito to get his candid impression of MachWall Connect. Based on his industry knowledge and expertise, alongside his depth of understanding of virus behavior and current events, we selected Dr. Rabito as an expert in the field. We’ve asked him to wear his clinical hat while considering this innovative product.

“I think that MachWall Connect is certainly a necessity as we phase back into public interactions. I am also tremendously impressed with the aesthetics. We’ve all seen the current materials stores are using and I don’t think anything is as appealing as these. They seem to be a fully functional modular system that suits the needs of most businesses.

I think the most important factor is the air return system. By using the UV light treatment and HEPA filtration, the system is completely effective at filtering out airborne pathogens from the air inside the booth. We use UV filtration in our research lab and it’s completely effective for denaturing proteins. If you can turn over the air two or three times an hour, you’re doing great. With these processing an exchange 12-times an hour, that’s of course even better.

To make something that is aesthetically pleasing and seems to be completely functional, it allows for a modular system that fits changing needs, I think it’s a great product.  And I don’t doubt the efficacy of it, I think some type of physical barrier is necessary. But I think it looks terrific. So, if you have to do something, which we do, having something that looks great is an improvement.

I also think that the convertibility of the panels is important. There’s room to mop underneath the panels, you can adjust the height when regulations change, so the practicality and the versatility is there. The rules change every day, so having options is important. When there’s a second wave, or when additional viruses or flu season pops up, having a product like this makes good sense for business owners.

Knowing what I know about this product, I think that this is the very best you can do to keep people safe. I say that with the caveat that we are assuming physical distancing, wearing masks, staying 6’ away from others, etc. are common practices. Then let’s say in a restaurant, your waiter brings in your food, wearing a mask and gloves and closes the door again when they leave. That allows you to not have a mask on while eating and drinking, behaving somewhat normally, while staying safe and physically separated from other groups of people not wearing masks inside their booth.

This is an important product for business owners to know about as we go into flu season and a second wave of COVID-19. If there’s a way to stay in phase two by keep businesses open at a safe level, I think that this [MachWall Connect] is an important layer of separation to keep people safe while they are in public.”

About Dr. Paul Rabito

Dr. Rabito was a podiatric physician for 25 years before leaving the field and pursuing a career as a teacher. With a master’s degree in public health, Dr. Rabito has a wealth of knowledge and experience with epidemiology. As a high school teacher, he uses a research lab to engage and inspire students to think critically, ask the right questions, and pursue answers with determination and logic. Moving beyond the parameters of curriculum and into the depths of critical thinking, hypothesizing, and discovery sets him apart from others in the field.