Solutions for
any layout

Customized CONNECT solutions can be designed for each business, regardless of size or location. Endless color, material, and layout options allow each business owner to design, brand, and install CONNECT simply, easily, and with less time and chaos than homemade options.


From checkout registers to waiting rooms, the advantage of single-panel CONNECT units is far reaching. With or without the air control system, our one-panel solutions provide the physical distancing option that is so versatile, almost any business can adapt it to their needs.


Some business models need to be slightly more separated like the two-panel CONNECT units. This layout can provide an isolated sitting area in a library, bank, office or other space where appropriately distanced seating can offer people the opportunity to take of their masks and stay separated from others in the general area.


Offering more seclusion is the three-panel layout solution. From smaller offices, schools, universities and libraries, to large gyms and sports teams that will build continuous units, the three-panel solution can provide air quality control and physical distancing from a crowded space.

Four-Panel/Full Surround Solution

With a full surround-solution booth, CONNECT provides and isolated space for people to gather, eat and socialize without masks*. The built-in air circulation and purification system removes stale or contaminated air and treats it before returning it to the building’s HVAC system. The optional door allows for even more physical separation.