Medical Professionals Weigh In on Our Design


We asked medical professionals to review our product design and provide candid feedback on the viability of the product as well as the thorough design elements that have been informed by science and research for stopping the spread of cross-contamination and flattening the curve of the current and future pandemics.

We invited a wide variety of medical professionals to participate, including:

Cardiologists – Dentists – EMTs – Gastroenterologists – Internists – Medical Residents – Nurses – Oncologists – Oral Surgeons – Psychiatrists – Researchers – Rheumatologists – Sports Medicine Professionals – Veterinarians

What We Learned...

Q: In your professional opinion, why is a product like MachWall CONNECT important over the next few months (or longer)?

A: “A product like the CONNECT system that provides a significant amount of social distancing is imperative to re-opening safely for businesses in our current pandemic situation. Unfortunately, I believe such a system will be necessary for a much longer time period than just the next few months.”

A: “The medical benefits are obvious. The ebb and flow of infections is a long-term issue. The product is readily recognizable and gives establishments branding options, so I believe it should have lasting value.”

Q: Based on what you know, what other components are missing or not addressed in the design?

A: 66% of responses mentioned air flow being an integral part of a necessary design. In response, we have adapted a complete air exchange system that provides a continuous flow of air as well as cleaning the air with HEPA and UV treatments before it is returned to the building’s HVAC system.

A: “Negative pressure airflow to pull air into the panel will decrease transmissions outwardly into a room or sideways between individuals depending on seating arrangement.”

Q: What makes MachWall CONNECT unique?

A: “The system features [air flow, easily sanitized surfaces] plus the ease of assembly and sense of permanence make it unique. The fact that it is aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to specific spaces, this system stands apart from the homemade attempts at social distancing seen in business spaces.”

Q: Does MachWall CONNECT address the need for social distancing to stop the spread of germs in public spaces and businesses?

A: “I feel the obvious physical barrier, the glass partitions and the air purification system along with the significant height of the walls make it an impressive way to achieve safe social distancing.”

A: “Yes, it could for numerous public businesses – gyms, salons, optometrists, medical offices, retail stores, and more.”

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